Shared Commercial Kitchen and Pop-Up Restaurant Space in Maryland

Culinary Hub for the Cultureā„¢

Welcome to Flavors, the one and only Culinary Hub for the Culture! We are a private, yet inclusive, members-only club for culinary artisans to launch, grow, and scale a food and beverage brand. With both virtual and physical membership options, including shared commercial kitchen spaces, we are ready to help you elevate your culinary business and build the brand you desire that will meet both your personal and business needs.
Join our global virtual culinary community to connect + network + learn with diverse culinary artisans and industry leaders.
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Commercial Kitchens
Now accepting applications for new members during our Phase I: Soft Launch in Hyattsville, MD.
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Now serving government and corporate agencies, commercial property owners, and retail clientele.
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Culinary Hub for the Cultureā„¢

Now accepting applications for new members through JUNE 30, 2021 for our shared commercial kitchen space and pop-up restaurant coming to Hyattsville, MD Fall 2021!

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What is Flavors

Flavors is a member-based, commercial kitchen and workspace incubator with a focus in elevating black & brown culinary entrepreneurs. Based in Prince George's County, community begins in our kitchen.



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Our Services

Flavors is the creator of tech-enabled food & beverage workplaces + services + concepts for culinary entrepreneurs, government agencies and other corporate entities.
The old way of serving and providing food to your staff, customers, and attendees is the past. The new normal will focus on the experience you provide to your guests, so make it memorable. Flavors works with your staff to design and/or recreate F&B based concepts that are sure to wow your guests, staff, and customers.

Commercial Kitchens

Flavors designs, builds, and manages creative food & beverage (F&B) workspaces for our culinary artisans to ensure they can serve government, corporate, retail, and residential communities using our health inspected and licensed facilities as their home base.

Specializing in hospitality, while prioritizing complementary services in the food and beverage sector to our government agency and corporate clients, Flavors is redefining food service management.

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