“One of the reasons why many of us enjoy coming to a great restaurant is that when an
extraordinary meal is served to us, we feel honored, treated, and even a little bit
loved”, Marcus Samuelsson, Yes Chef, Hachette UK.

This line from Marcus Samuelsson’s novel Yes Chef speaks to Flavors. Take advantage of The
Flavors Kitchen, make it your own kitchen and you will serve excellent food in a great
restaurant. Flavors is all about exquisite commercial kitchen areas, extraordinary meals, and
fine dinning customers as a brand, a kitchen, and as a service. Yes, Chef follows Marcus
Samuelsson from Helga’s modest kitchen to some of Switzerland’s and France’s most high
ranking and competitive restaurants, as well as his arduous sea voyage to his arrival in New
York City, where his immense talent and loyalty shone at Aquavit. The New York Times
awarded him a three-star rating when he was twenty-four years old.

Marcus took to instagram to announce the cutting of the ribbon on his first-ever Canadian
eatery, Marcus Restaurant + Terrace, which officially launched at the Four Seasons in
Montreal alongside Marcus Lounge + Bar. Marcus Samuelsson, a chef with real-world
experience, is a risk-taker who isn’t afraid to try new stuff. The Food Network star has been
a fan favorite with Canadian audiences for years, thanks to his work on numerous renowned
chef shows around the world.

Marcus is not just driven, Marcus is more than driven. Marcus has the tools that`s needed,
to get him to where he desires to be as a food world star. His story is so motivational that
you might even feel a little overwhelmed when thinking about fulfilling your own dreams in
the culinary arts. But you shouldn`t be, take advantage of The Flavor`s Kitchen and it`s
features which include; exclusive event areas, mobile restaurant areas, shared savory
kitchens as well as shared confectionery kitchens.